In response to the schools announcing full remote learning for 2020, CM4K is offering both “online after-school classes (3:30pm-6pm)” & “on-site school day attendance (9am-3pm)” & “on-site after-school (3pm-6pm)” programs.

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LWSD & ISD schools are moving to a full remote model for 2020. If you are concerned about the reduced academic focus because of the remote learning OR if you worry about the social and emotional development of your student from missing school, OR if you have a demanding, busy work-day, we are offering multiple programs to accommodate your needs.
Health & Safety procedures:
We are lucky to have separate classrooms that can help us to keep each student group separate from other groups, instead of having all students in one big room.
We are taking advantage of that setup in our on-site program planning.
  • Reduced classroom capacity to maintain distance: Each classroom will have a reduced capacity of 8 students with one teacher. Student groups will not be mixed.  
  • Masks: Teachers & Students should wear masks all day except during snaak & lunch times.
  • Daily Temperature checks: Body temperature will be checked daily at the beginning of the day & one more time in the afternoon.
  • Hand washing: Teachers & Students have to wash hands frequently.
  • Hand sanitizer: Each classroom will have a separate hand sanitizer station to use during the day.
  • No contact check in/out: Parents have to check in / out from outside the door (for on-site program only).
Fall 2020 plan:
As LWSD, ISD are moving to a full remote model for 2020, we are offering both “online after school classes” & “on-site school day attendance” programs.
All our programs will have “more academic focus” this fall, and less of the traditional after school classes.
What that means is, teachers will be spending more time to
  • Review, recap every day school learning
  • Help students to complete all homework
  • Complete IXL & other online assignments
  • Special focus on English & Math
  • Help complete all school work everyday
Online after school classes (3:30pm – 6pm) :
3 days / week – $325 / month
5 days / week – $425 / month  
Along with academic focus, after-school classes will also have Origami, English, Math, Art, Coding classes.
On-site school day attendance (9am – 3pm)
* Limited seats available
Because of the school class schedule, and to avoid multiple staff / parent / student interactions, we are offering only a full day program.
Only morning or afternoon attendance or unscheduled drop-ins are not allowed.
3 days / week – $575 / month
5 days / week – $775 / month  
Full-Day program (9am – 6pm) :
3 days / week – $795 / month
5 days / week – $995 / month  
To enroll:
Please write to us at OR enroll here

PYTHON CLASS- Summer 2020

New Update: Two new summer sessions starting on Saturday, June 27, 2020.

Two summer sessions (Two classes per week)

Class Timings : Wednesday 5pm – 6pm;

Saturday, 11:00am – 12:00pm
Grades : 5th grade & higher
Tuition fee : $265 / Session

Session 1 – 8 classes – June 27, July 1,8,11,15,18,22,25
Session 2 – 8 classes – Aug 1,5,8,12,15,19,22,26,29

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Below is our updated Evening Enrichment Class Schedule (Redmond location):
Click here to read the schedule, and register for the evening enrichment classes

CM4K offers a well rounded, complete after school enrichment program for Elementary school students, with classes in robotics, programming, math and English in a modern, fun, safe, and caring environment.

We have a dedicated focus to introducing advanced math and programming to the kids in innovative, engaging, and fun ways. We work on increasing not just knowledge and skill, but also on self-confidence and other life skills. Our mission statement guides us towards always placing our students first.