About CM4K

Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide the best possible education to our children, utilizing the newest technology and research, in order to make it possible for them to bring life to their dreams in an ethical, sustainable way.
About Us
We are a talented group of tech savvy teachers and computer programmers dedicated to teaching the two most essential subjects needed for the current generation of kids: computer programming and mathematics. Our goal is to provide math, computer, and English enrichment programs all in one place, resulting in less time wasted by both the students and the parents – maximizing their time spent learning and minimizing time travelling.

We aim to be Redmond’s dedicated Computer Training Center for Kids: our Computer lab is equipped with cutting-edge computers and technology, and our teachers are well trained, motivated, and enjoy working with kids.


What sets us apart is our constant striving to be at the forefront of the technological arena. We achieve this by keeping our teachers well trained and updated in their respective skills. Our teachers have strong core computer, math, and English skills, which helps us to easily adopt and integrate technology that is beneficial to our students, regardless of how new it is.

We encourage all of our teachers to seek out and research the best new methods of teaching our students. We are open to suggestions and are constantly improving and refining our techniques.

We do not lock ourselves into any ecosystem but see ourselves as trying to give students the best possible education, that will survive any technological shift.