Discovery Science

Discovery Science
The human race has evolved from a primeval era to the era of modern technology predominantly through the application of science. All the modern amenities and innovations that we now take for granted came about when early humans asked two main questions “How?” and “Why?” Continuing to do so is vital to the future well being and prosperity of the individual, and the society.

In order to be able to explore, innovate and bring about growth, the first step is building a solid foundation. Here at Discovery Science we offer an opportunity for young minds to understand how things work and why. We encourage them to look around at their daily lives and find science in their environment, understand basic scientific concepts by asking questions and seeking answers and fuel their imagination by combining active, hands-on/minds-on STEM learning experiences. Discovery Science provides a great stage for developing their confidence, communication skills and ability to scientifically understand things around them through researching, testing, organizing data, analyzing and problem solving.

Science has evolved through the participation of people across cultures and backgrounds. Science also encompasses a gamut of subjects like physical education, arts and music. It also incorporates the usage of varied skills. Reading, Writing, Comprehending, Hypothesizing, Experimenting, Computing, Organizing, Deducing and Communicating are all part of the Scientific Approach. Discovery Science intends to teach Science as a complementary and integral part of varied social aspects of Society.

Kids will learn basic concepts, conduct research and experiments to analyze data and create their own models or projects. As a team we want to help create Young Scientific minds who will eventually become the thinkers, leaders and innovators of the 21st century and contribute to solving fundamental, global issues facing our generation.


Discovery Science Instructor
Swarnima Aswinkumar has a Ph.D. in Materials Science Engineering. She has worked as a Scientist and Researcher at Universities in USA and Japan. She wishes to use her Science expertise in the field of Education and inspire children in the fields of Science and Technology. She believes that Science is all-pervading in our daily lives and that Science should be made fun through innovative approaches. She has been active in the school PTSA as a science fair coordinator, art teacher and as a teacher for after school programs. She is an enthusiastic educator and loves working with young minds to nurture their creativity. She also enjoys reading, traveling, yoga and cooking.


Some of the upcoming projects in the Discovery Science series are:
(Each project will offer about 4-6 lesson plans)
Motion and Park Mechanics
Sound and Music
Combustion, Candle Science & Aromatherapy
Light, Rainbows and Art
Plant Life cycle and Nutrition