Evening Classes

All of our technology classes are $330 per each quarter/session (each session will offer 10-12 classes).

All of our Art (Drawing, Cartooning) classes are $196 per session (each session will offer 10-12 classes).

There is an annual registration/material/lab fee of $25 per student ($40 per family with multiple students).

There is a 5% discount on a sibling’s fee* (Discount is applied to sibling fee only)

Only one discount can be active at any time.

If you want a class time that is not listed here, please contact our office to see if we can schedule something for you.

Enrichment classes available at C&M4K:

Art – Drawing
Art – Cartooning
Abacus Mental Math
Early Learners Math (Levels 1 – 8)
LEGO Engineering
LEGO Mindstorms 1, 2, 3
Arduino Robotics
Creative Coding with Scratch
Coding with Python

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