Feb 2020 Camp

SCIENCE EXPLORERS Camp: February 2020 – 13th, 14th & 17th

Feb 2020 SCIENE EXPLORERS CAMP at Computers & Math 4 Kids in Redmond:

In this SCIENE EXPLORERS CAMP, students will learn about the Pleistocene time period, and go on a day long field trip to the Burke Museum to learn about the biggest tundra mammals ever to walk the earth, explore the woolly mammoth exhibits, play in the native Indian living habitat, and checkout lot of science exhibits in the new Burke museum.

Students will also visit UW Planetarium on Friday, Feb 14.

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SCIENCE EXPLORERS Camp – Feb 13, 14, 17 (9am-4pm): $285 per student
After Camp Hours (4-6pm): $20 / Day (Advance registration is required)


* Age / Grades: K – 7th
* Camp hours are from 9am – 4pm
* Parents should provide a sack lunch
* Morning, Afternoon snack is included
* Late fee of $5 / 5min will be charged after 4:05pm