LEGO Robotics

IMG_6077Our most sought after class, it brings code to life. Our students learn about the fundamentals of robotics and sequential thinking in a fun environment. We start off using LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 kits, as a way to engage kids early learning science, engineering, mathematics, and technology. The LEGO education community has developed hundreds of creative solutions for elementary and middle school learning where the kids are able to have fun while problem solving; our program is designed to utilize these to help our students understand the relationship between computer programs and machines, bridging the digital and physical worlds, while figuring out unique solutions to the problems presented to them; in the course of our program they will learn about program design, debugging, control flow, torque, gear ratios, clutch gears, angles, variables, robot design, and much more.


When they advance past the Mindstorms platform they will move on to learning how to program the Arduino platform, a beautifully crafted platform that brings together both engineering and computer science concepts. It is a very useful tool to teach children logic, math, and science related concepts. Given the recent wide-spread adoption of the platform by hobbyists there have been a wide array of features that have been developed to give ultimate creative freedom when building with Arduino. Using a powerful programming language, C++, and applying circuitry, students will gain useful knowledge and have a great time doing so!


Playing through the challenges that we present to our students, they learn rigorous programmatic thinking and design skills that can be applied to their own lives and other subjects. More than this, they will learn how to troubleshoot and problem solve in both the physical and programming worlds.