Anagha’s Math
Anagha’s Math classes offers advanced math coaching to school students from kindergarten to ninth grade. Their teaching methodology and course curriculum enables students to learn mathematical fundamentals and concepts at their very foundations. This ensures a love for the subject which then naturally flows into excellent grades and a successful school year.

Abacus Math
A scientific brain development / management technique program, Abacus helps unveil the infinite potential of the human brain and focuses on its overall development and effective use, while empowering the children with strong basics in Mathematics and logical thinking prowess.

MoveFree Academy
MoveFree’s method is parkour. The functional art of movement. We train to control our bodies through physical and mental challenges the way they were meant to be used. There is a correct way to crawl, fall, roll, run, land, jump, climb, and swing. We know how to optimize performance while protecting the body from impact. We train to play forever.

Emerald City Gymnastics
Emerald City Gymnastics exist to make a difference in the lives of children. Their goal is to develop happy, healthy and confident athletes! The development of self esteem is primary towards that goal. When FUN and individual achievement are combined, learning and self esteem SOAR!

Martial Arts
At the School of Oom Yung Doe they teach traditional martial arts as a balanced and holistic way to build physical strength, mental health, self- defense skills, and emotional stability.

Tech Venture
In support of S.T.E.M., we offer after-school computer coding clubs and summer camps where we focus on teaching children and teens the 21st Century Skills of computational and systems thinking in the context of what they love – video games and animations.

Young Rembrandts
Young Rembrandts drawing and cartooning classes are educational and fun! Students develop their artistic ability by learning to draw in abstract, realistic, and cartoon styles. We provide all supplies and a trained instructor. Everyone can learn to draw, Young Rembrandts will teach you how!