Programming – Beginners

Our beginner level starts off introducing the kids to Scratch, where they are able to learn how to code using pre-made visual blocks that are snapped together (similar to LEGO blocks) This programming language was developed by MIT to introduce coding skills to kids in a fun and easy way. Beginners will learn to create moving characters and learn the fundamentals of Scratch and coding. The beginner class helps our kids to understand the basic tools available in Scratch, and how to use them to start turning their imagination into reality. Throughout the course they will sharpen their imagination to create responsive programs and games while answering discussion questions that ensure they understand and can articulate what they are learning.

Our instructors keep a close eye on what they are programming while they are doing it to ensure they do not build bad habits or misunderstand their code. Some sessions we will introduce the kids to other software that can help to reinforce or teach a particular methodology or idea before returning to the open creativity of Scratch (e.g. or

Once they are sufficiently prepared and need a more robust environment, or as soon as they are ready and willing, we shift into using python and they are considered to be in our advanced creative classes.