Redmond Summer Camps 2019 Desc

Redmond Summer Camps 2019 Description:

Week 1 (June 24-28):
S.T.E.A.M Ranchers Camp:
This camp is packed with super fun activities which will include wild western horses, cowboys, Puppet play, costumes, and hand sewing of stuffy animals with accessories.
Nostalgia 80’s Camp: In this camp campers will learn all about 80’s styles, music, technology. Students will research, design, and build characters using different materials to create 80’s look and feel !!

Week 2 (July 1,2,3):
Gooey Science Camp:
Create your own bubbly slime, make a clay wand, create magic potions, and book of magic, and more.
Magic Wizardry and Sorcerers Camp: Do you like Harry Potter movies? Do you like Sorcery & Wizardry? Learn about magic, Draw, and Build diorama of magic castles, choose your favorite characters, and create a play and win prizes.

Week 3(July 8-12):
Superhero Coding Camp:
In this camp students will gain hands on experience in Coding with Scratch & Tynker. Make your favorite super hero to use programmable gadgets to solve problems & score points. In this code camp, campers will learn to create interactive stories using Paint & Scratch coding. Will you accept the challenge for this week and Draw your favorite mural on the computer?
Emoji Olympics & Chess Masters Camp: Bring out the artist in you! Bring in your smiles and energy to compete in the modern emoji Olympics Vs. old fashion Olympics. Games, opening ceremony, team parades and more. Your mission is to draw and present your best emoji and compete with teams.

Week 4 (July 15-19):
Smart Gadget Universe Camp:
Do you have what it takes to create and build a smart gadget? Do you know how many gadgets do you use in your daily life, and what it takes to create them? Learn about the gadgets we use everyday, and how to program them.
Battle Royale Camp: Learn Dance Movements from Orange, Do justice to the jive, Design & Build Forts. Sounds fun!! Create mini llama Pinatas, cardboard robots, and more !!

Week 5 (Special Camp) (July 22-26):
LEGO Factory Minecraft Camp:
Students will begin by crafting Minecraft shelters, Minecraft character formation, Draw and build your own Minecraft animals and tools using traditional LEGO bricks and mosaic builds.
Pokemon Mania Camp: Create your own Pokémon characters, learn the chemistry of the elements of Pokémon characters and powers. Build a Pikachu, and battle with other Pokémon characters.

Week 6 (Special Camp) (July 29-Aug 2):
Tinker Town Camp:
Do you like fairy tales? Build your own tinker town with beautiful decorated green gardens, water falls, boats. Become a tinker, and tell your own tinker fairy tale story with magical spells & twists.
Garden Galore Camp: Build beautiful decorated green gardens, painted bird houses, colorful flowers. Bring in the magic with building castles, fairy tale characters, designing props, writing a skit and acting it out.

Week 7 (Aug 5-9):
Movie Magic Animation Camp:
Research, construct, design, and create a mini stop – motion story animation. Learn to be a photographer or creative director. You write, design, direct a movie and see if you can win the Oscar. Don’t miss this fun movie-motion camp.
Jurassic World & Drones Camp: Construct, code, drive, and race your service drones to recuse animals and community from floods, trees and more. Challenge yourself to solve Drone missions, build a story for each mission you solve, create props, and do a performance to describe your mission. Can you take on a simple project, research, collect details, implement an usable, cost effective solution? Learn and compete using scientific method and real-world investigations with team work and improvise with research skills.

Week 8 (Aug 12-16):
Games & Sportify Camp:
It’s a goal! – Construct, test and play LEGO based sports. From LEGO Foosball to finger soccer game making. Play your favorite games (Soccer, Basketball, Football, Tag, and more running games)
Farmland Tinkering Camp: Toys, Toys everywhere create and make your own mini recycled and wooden toy. Students will be learning to cut and measure using real wood working tools. Students will be using Wood, Recycle Items, and Soldering to create their own toys. Students will have to think, design how to make an easy to use, fun to play toys using the recycle materials (Ex: Castle, Hotel for Bugs, Animal Farm).

Week 9 (Aug 19-23):
Build Kano Computers Camp:
Drawing, Coding, Art & Craft Animation. Connect boards, buttons, cables and bits. Build Kano computer, and learn about all computer parts. Learn to program by drag and drop along with type code to unlock possibilities for Python,  and more. Create art, build  games. Build your own computer, learn about circuitry, different components that power up a computer, setup the programs, use it for building games?
Insectology Camp: Are your little campers ready to study backyard insects and learn about their biology? A camp full of S.T.E.A.M science creativity. Campers will get a chance to study insects, do bug hunt, make their own magnifying glasses to study small insect world.

Week 10 (Aug 26-30):
Galaxy Chemistry Intelligence Camp:
Don’t end the summer without experiencing the fun space & galaxies. Become a STARWAR hero and do fun battle with light sabers, space food…etc
Recycled Droids Factory Camp: Learn basics of droids, and build droids using various tools. Build a space elevator. Build a trebuchet. Build an aerial tram car. Learn about levers, cams, gears. Build a LEGO droid with gears using pre-made gears, tinkertoys, LEGO gears. Learn about different types of gears. Build and demonstrate a block-and-tackle..