Redmond Summer Camps Desc

Redmond Summer Camps Description:

Two Day Mini Camp (June 21, 22):
Wacky Science Explorers:
Our little scientist’s campers will be investigating, researching and testing wacky science experiments from making a bouncy ball to creating S.T.E.A.M catapult launching competition. Do you think you can design a catapult that can launch high up in the sky?

Week 1 (June 25-29):
S.T.E.A.M Wild Wild West:
Yeeha! Calling all the sheriffs, cow-boys, and cow-girls to come and join the western S.T.E.A.M camp where young campers can create Wild Wild West Western stories, make cowboy/girl hats, and learn the fun “line dance”.
LEGO Safari Animatics: Research, construct, design, and create a mini stop – motion safari story animation. Learn to be a photographer or creative director. You write, design, direct a movie and see if you can win the Oscar.

Week 2 (July 2,3,5,6):
Game Engineering:
Create and design your favorite games using Scratch and other coding tools. Draw your own sprites and backdrops. Students will be using Scratch Intermediate, Advanced projects to learn, and improve their Coding skills by making fun games.
Chess Masters / Dance Jam: Come, join the chess masters to learn and challenge yourselves and other chess players. If you are a beginner, learn from basics chess lingo, if you are a chess master, try to win the mini tournament.
Jam your way to dance from the Indian Bhangra hip hop dance to the twist dance.

Week 3 (July 9-13):
LEGO League (WeDo / Robotics):
Challenge yourself to solve LEGO Robotic Missions, build a story for each mission you solve, create props, and do a performance to describe your mission. Can you take on a simple project, research, collect details, implement an usable, cost effective solution? Learn and compete using scientific method and real-world investigations with team work and improvise with research skills.
Emoji Olympics / Code Creators Camp: Bring in your smiles and energy to compete in the modern emoji Olympics Vs. old fashion Olympics. Games, opening ceremony, team parades and more. Your mission is to be a winner with best emoji.

Week 4 (July 16-20):
SMART Gadget Universe:
Do you have what it takes to create and build a smart gadget? Do you know how many gadgets you use in your daily life, and what it takes to create them? Clash with the LEGO spinning tops in a battling arena.
Code Hack-A-Thon (Tynker/Alice3D/Python): Design, Debug, hack, reconstruct and test code. Your mission is to debug games and make it work with magic fingers. Students will be working on projects using Tynker/Alice3D/Python.

Week 5 (July 23-27):
LEGO Minecraft:
Students will begin by crafting Minecraft shelters, Minecraft character formation, animals and tools using traditional LEGO bricks and mosaic builds.
Build Kano Computers: Connect boards, buttons, cables and bits. Learn to program by drag and drop along with type code to unlock possibilities for Python, JavaScript and more. Create art, build apps and games. Build your own computer, learn about circuitry, different components that power up a computer, setup the programs, use it for building games.

Week 6 (July 30 – Aug 3):
Back to the Eras – Arcade Game Designing:
Design and reconstruct classical arcade games such as pong, space invaders and more.
Drones & Gliders Camp: Construct, code, drive, and race your service drones to recuse animals and community from floods, trees and more.

Week 7 (Aug 6-10):
Space Wars & Robotic Intelligence:
Combat your creativity with S.T.E.A.M space. Experiment, use your art and math knowledge to make S.T.E.A.M bots that can draw and wiggle their eyes or even light up with basic circuitry.
Daring Dominos: Create and break Domino puzzles. Build a tower, play Jenga, build a maze and watch it fall with a flick of a finger.
Code Battles: Battle your way with imaginative coding, create your own sprites and background and challenge a game battle with your team.

Week 8 (Aug 13-17):
LEGO Sports Mania:
It’s a goal! – Construct, test and play LEGO based sports. From LEGO Foosball to finger soccer game making.
Mythical Toy Tinkering: Toys, Toys everywhere create and make your own mini recycled and wooden toy. Students will be learning to cut and measure using real wood working tools. Students will be using Wood, Recycle Items, and Soldering to create their own toys. Students will have to think, design how to make an easy to use, fun to play toys using the recycle materials (Ex: Castle, Hotel for Bugs, Animal Farm)

Week 9 (Aug 20-24):
Never Ending Tales:
Bring in the magic with building castles, fairy tale characters, designing props, writing a skit and acting it out.
Robotics Hidden Traps: Construct robotic booby traps for hidden treasure trapped inside a caves and ice age era. Stop the robbers from getting into your gold by constructing traps.
BLOXELS Inventors Camp: Students who wants to invent their own games in the design layout/exhibit-types, select characters for each team to research, then design, build and program their animatronic creations using the Engineering Process. Age range: 3rd graders to middle schoolers.

Week 10 (Aug 27-31):
Night At The Museum (Bring it to life):
Arise the Egyptians with the S.T.E.A.M golden tablet and create mini empire dioramas and enjoy the wild scavenger hunt.
S.T.E.A.M Contraptions: Students will create card board pinball machine, create and program BOTS that can sort, draw, launch ping pong balls into baskets.