Robotics – Arduino

Robotics is a valuable skill for students to learn because it teaches fundamental skills students may not develop in just school alone. We use team based projects to help students develop not only knowledge in robotics but also communication, teamwork, and leadership skills. Along with these skills students will also learn how to approach problems using abstract and logical thought processes.

Middle school students are given the opportunity to explore robotics with an Arduino Microcontroller. Microcontrollers are programmable devices that act as a gateway between software and hardware, with a simple and straight to the point IDE students can get instant satisfaction, making something in a matter of minutes! The core idea of the class is to teach students how to approach challenging problems in a fun and engaging way. Classes have a short lecture followed by lab time. There is homework in these classes, only for the benefit of the student. In order to properly master something you must spend a great deal of time working with it.

We teach students key concepts in computer science, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering. Each class has a cumulative project that requires the cultivation of all skills and concepts learned over the quarter. Some of the many projects we will work on are A Tetris like game, a candy sorter, and many more devices.