Sammamish Summer Camps 2019 Desc

Sammamish Summer Camps 2019 Description:

Week 1 (June 24-28):

Game Designing Camp: Campers learn to think creatively about designing and creating games (using Scratch & Tynker), and learn to program interactive stories, games and animations. Learn about Scripts, Different code blocks, what is code debugging, Learn to create games and projects and how to Share them with friends & family confidently.

Survivor Camp: Build a survivor dome shelter, bamboo stacking, Using compass, create bracelets & tribal necklets, learn about food & immunity, build a forest/hunting diorama, a pill bottle survival kit, scavenger hunt, camp fire crafts. Make sculptures and do creative crafts, use clay to build models and a volcano.

Week 2 (July 1,2,3):

Techno Dino Camp: Learn the history, taxonomy, groupings, and popular culture of dinosaurs. Learn about earth history, observe and evaluate natural history. Learn various earth eras. Draw and build Dinosaur diorama, Dinosaur lore. Build a dinosaur forest, contraptions, moving dinosaur robots, dinosaur mazes…and many more. 

LEGO Robotics Camp: Like to play LEGO?? Maybe you can build your own LEGO Robot! Study the history of LEGO building materials, and how they are made; learn basic robotics, build working robot models using WEDO. Use LEGO Power functions to learn the mechanics of basic machines such as the wedges, levers…etc. Learn Isaac Asimov’s three rules of robotics. Test the telemetry of the signals used in WeDo 2.0; learn how to program the robots using coding tools.

Week 3(July 8-12): 

Makey Makey & Chess Camp: Do you know music can be made with fruits, and vegetables?? How?? Can you code a keyboard to play music? Explore it with Makey Makey. Learn about electrical impedance, and electricity. Build a piano with a banana, Use electrodes to operate light and make sounds by drawing power from fruits. Learn the parts of makey makey, learn the elements of electronics – capacitors, resistors, etc. Learn how to gauge electricity flow through a circuit.
Learn chess rules and strategies, Play lot of chess games, Solve chess problems, learn different chess openings and variations.   

Sports Spirit Camp:

Learning Objectives: Understand health and safety and how to avoid injuries on the field. Be able to play sports and practice drills to condition and develop skills for basketball, soccer, and Ultimate Frisbee. Develop team-player skills in active, competitive and cooperative, outdoor games as well. Also, develop skills in following directions, listening skills, hand-eye coordination, and leadership skills. Sports and recreational activities include: 

Drills and scrimmage for 3rd, 4th, and 5th Graders:

  • Running
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Ultimate Frisbee

Non-competitive games for K-2nd Graders:

  • Kids Bowling
  • Sharks and Minnows
  • Noodles and hula hoops
  • Tag
  • Ball toss (throwing and catching)

Week 4 (July 15-19):

Magic Math Problems Camp: Learn how to do math tricks, how to apply math to practical applications, math brain games, how to do impressive short cuts, how to do logical analyses, draw math shapes, do magic tricks, apply magic tricks to cards, to tangram puzzles, create hexaflexagons, create various mathematical shapes using construction tools. Build models and math shapes, experiment with colors, experiment with structures, draw figures using harmonograph tools such as a spirograph; Do chess game analysis using math, learn how to apply the metric system, do simple mental calculations, experiment with interesting numbers, learn and experiment with the Soma cube, and learn about the binary system.

Bridges & Structures Camp: Learn the history and purpose of bridges, learn about various types of bridges, and how they are built. Learn about triangles, trussesand beams. Design and build several of your own bridges using different bridge models, and materials. Make bridges out of different materials, in teams, and see which bridge holds the most weight. Build an earthquake table and show how earthquakes affect tall bridges.

Week 5 (July 22-26):
Myths & Legends Camp:
Learn about world cultures and their beliefs. Study and learn classical Greek, Roman, Asian, Australian, and Pacific Islanders. Learn to be a speaker as a Native American. Build and paint mythical creatures using clay, and colors. Create plays, and act out plays based on Greek mythology, Indian folklore or even fables like Jack and the Beanstalk or The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs.
Destination Imagination Camp: S.T.E.A.M based, educational experience: Science, Technology, Engineering, fine Arts, Improvisation, and Mathematics; for students K-University; process from imagination to innovation)

Learning Objectives: Students gain the skills needed to succeed in school, future careers, and beyond. Learn higher order of thinking and improve in creative thinking, critical thinking, collaboration and team-building, and project management skills.

Project-Based Challenges include solving problems with innovative solutions:

  • Innovative design, including mechanical, engineering, and construction
  • Storytelling skills, including writing dialogue, producing a skit, and performance
  • Technical design process and engineering concepts
  • Presentation skills, including group and individual public speaking

Week 6 (July 29-Aug 2):
Digital Graphic Arts Camp:
Hands on, Fun camp to explore the imagination, and hands on working skills. Learn how to create digital art using various new technology tools. Learn various design techniques to draw your own digital characters, objects, shapes. Learn to design and create digital greeting cards, posters, flyers, comic book characters, story themes and much more.
Draw-Write-Recite Camp:

Learning Objective: Creative writing and original drawings of comic strips and story boards; then developing them into a dialogue and a script for a skit; collaborative prop designing with a partner; and then performing a group presentation of their final product.

Week 7 (Aug 5-9):
Nature Science Camp:
Grow and watch seedlings grow into plants. Learn about photosynthesis through the study of ecology and environmental facts. Learn about earth-building processes, learn the three great kingdoms of plants, animals, and minerals. Learn and study the natural processes that helped form the State of Washington and its geology, flora, and fauna. Learn about Washington state’s national parks, and why they were created. Study how the National Park service came into being. Learn how to identify various ecosystems.
Mad Scientist’s Camp:

Learning Objectives: Be able to describe various physical laws and how they are applied. Learn about counter intuitive and unusual reactions, chain reactions, and mechanics. Learn about scientific cause and effect. Conduct various experiments and perform fun scientific activities:

  • Launch a 30-foot propulsion rocket
  • Make a snowman without snow
  • Create a melting quicksand ball
  • Erupt a glowing volcano
  • Set up and activate an Electrical Plasma Globe

Week 8 (Aug 12-16):
K-NEX Carnival Camp:
Learn about the history of amusement parks, and the fun rides in them. How physics applies to the amusement park rides, and learn how to use KNEX, tinkertoys and other assembly toys to create various amusement park rides. Use string and Knex to demonstrate physical forces. Learn about G’s and acceleration, and how this creates sensations. Don’t miss this carnival fun.
Machines Mania Camp: Define machines, learn basic mechanics of machines, and build a machine using various tools. Build an elevator. Build a trebuchet. Build an aerial tram car. Learn about levers, cams, gears.
Build a machine with gears using pre-made gears, tinkertoys, LEGO gears. Learn about different types of gears. Build and demonstrate a block-and-tackle.

Week 9 (Aug 19-23):
Bugs Around The World Camp:
Learn about the bugs around the world. Learn about edible bugs, largest and smallest bugs, slowest and fastest bugs, the most dangerous bugs in the world, and the weird bugs. Identify between bugs and insects. Bug drawing and painting lessons. Bug Face painting.
Oceans & Beaches Camp: Learn about marine biology, and the ecosystem of the world’s oceans. Learn about the elements at the bottom of the sea, including sand, clay, and rock. Create a scuba diver, create a sea anemone, create a climbing crab, learn about oxygen in the water, including atoms and elements, learn how underwater animals breathe, create sea dioramas and sea art, learn about animal taxonomy, learn about keeping the oceans clean. Learn about buoyancy and create a buoyant object.

Week 10 (Aug 26-30):
Earthquake Devastation Camp:
Study earthquakes, and learn what behaviors they induce in structures. Learn about tectonics plate movements, how they shape planet Earth. Learn about subduction zones, and fault lines. Are you living in an earthquake zone? How to prepare for an earthquake, and what to do during earthquakes to protect you and your family. Learn about land slides, and build a land slide model.
LEGO City Camp: What will you do if you become a super cop? What do you do to fight the crime, and how do you stop the bad guys? How do you build a smart city? Learn all this in our fun LEGO City camp. Come and build a fun, smart LEGO city with us. We have thousands of LEGO pieces and lots of space for you.