Sammamish Summer Camps Desc

Sammamish Summer Camps 2018 Description:

Week 1 (June 25-29):
Zoobungo (Creative Arts & Crafts) Camp:
This camp is packed with super fun activities which will include a Zoo tour, Animal close ups, Puppet play, costumes, and hand sewing of zoo stuffy animals with accessories. Your child will learn about exotic animals, nature, and how they can help protect the wild forests.
Techno Tidal Wave Camp Camp: In this camp campers will explore animations and animatronics. Students will research, design, and build characters using different materials such as LEGO WeDO, LEGO Technics to create a real animatronic robot!

Week 2 (July 2,3,5,6):
S.T.E.A.M Contraptions Camp:
Create a card board Foosball table! Design a balloon powered car, Program BOTS that can sort, draw, and launch ping pong balls into a basket.
Arcade Game Builders Camp Like to play games?? Maybe you can build your own video game! Explore your creativity by designing and building video games with a mix of physical and digital tools that include designs to help you create your own game. Create and program your own version of arcade games like Textris, Ping-Pong, Pac man and more.

Week 3(July 9-13):
LEGO Machine Mechanics:
Become a LEGO engineer! Design, create, and build different landmarks from around the world. Students will follow fun-filled model plans to create awesome LEGO machines.
Magic Paint & Creative Coding Camp: Bring out the artist in you! In this code camp, children will learn to create interactive stories using Paint & Scratch coding. Will you accept the challenge for this week and Draw your favorite mural on the computer?

Week 4 (July 16-20):
Jurassic World Camp:
In this pre-historic camp, learn about Triassic period, research and build a realistic Dinosaur world.
Techno Dino Camp: Create the virtual pre-historic world, code an interactive Dinosaur story, and go on a Dino scavenger hunt.

Week 5 (July 23-27):
SMART Robot Universe Camp:
Get ready for the future smart world. Robotics is everywhere. Build multiple smart robots that can do simple day-to-day activities, Game playing, solve problems, and improve life quality.
Code Your BOTS Camp: Code is what runs the Robots. Learn multiple Code mediums to program mBots, WeDo, and LEGO Mindstorms.

Week 6 (July 30-Aug 3):
Destination Imagination Camp:
Hands on, Fun camp to explore the imagination, hands on working skills. Students will be given one main engineering/scientific challenge, and multiple instant challenges (Performance, or construction based, or both) that they have to complete.
Music Makers/Chess Camp: Do you know music can be made with fruits, and vegetables?? How?? Can you code a keyboard? Explore it with Makey Makey. Also win small prizes in our mini Chess tournament.

Week 7 (Aug 6-10):
K-NEX Carnival Camp:
Build cars, bridges, simple machines, robots, dinosaurs, and anything you can imagine. Older students can tackle complex constructions like the Ferris wheel, roller coasters, five-foot bridges, and lots more. Don’t miss the building fun.
Get Moving (Fitness Camp): Health is wealth, Lets get moving in this fitness camp for kids with lot of indoor games at our Pine Lake indoor Gym.

Week 8 (Aug 13-17):
LEGO League Challenge Camp:
Come join LEGO League! Build using LEGO Robotics, Complete challenges, and compete your bots in a tournament with your friends.
Code Hack-A Thon Camp: In this camp students will gain hands on experience building and programming an Awesome bot. They will be using drag-and-drop programming software in Scratch & Tynker.

Week 9 (Aug 20-24):
Minecraft Planet Camp:
Drawing, Coding, Art & Craft Animation, Can you create an interactive Minecraft animation story?
CSI Mysteries Camp: Take out your mystery hat, become a detective, Solve a puzzle, play fun games. Can you solve the mystery??

Week 10 (Aug 27-31):
Aloha Hawaii Camp:
Don’t end the summer without experiencing Hawaii. Aloha dance, Tiki huts, Limbo, Making Leis, Hawaiian punch, much more…
Dance Camp: Come and enjoy the Hip-Hop, Bollywood dance moves in this last week of summer.