Summer Camps (Middle School)

SUMMER CAMPS (Middle School): 8 WEEKS (JUNE 20 – AUGUST 26)

Is your middle school students looking for advanced learning? Is your middle school student drifting away more into technology, and do you want him/her enjoy Art (Drawing, Cartooning) again!!
Dwell into this summer with brain stimulating, Art, technology camps at “Computers & Math 4 Kids” in Redmond:
This year, middle school students will be exploring several advanced technologies from 3D-Printing technology to Movie Animation, LEGO Robotics Tinkering to Cartooning Manga, CODE battles to Build a Computer, LEGO Minecraft to Discovery Science, along with physical activities like Parkour, Hip-Hop Dance, Kids Yoga….CHECK US OUT!!

CM4K technology camps offer a unique take on camp. Our goal is to combine STEM learning and physical activities to provide well rounded, and fun project based camp experience! We offer middle school camps that create projects using a wide variety of technologies. These technologies are used to explore computer science and create fun projects that allow students to learn in a unique and interactive way. Along side these platforms, we use an experiment style of discovery to explore the natural sciences such as physics, chemistry, and other sciences. This summer we are breaking the camps down into an AM and PM session, students can attend both or just one. Options are outlined below.

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Super Heroes Robotics Camp

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Note: All the prices below are for one student

Early Camp Hours(8:30-9AM): $10 / Day

Summer Camp Full Day: $350 / Week
Summer Camp Full Day: $300 / Week (for July 5-8 week only)
Summer Camp Full Day: $1300 / Any 4 Weeks
Digital Photography + 3D Printing Full Day Camp: $425 / Week (for June 20-24 week only)

Summer Camp Half Day (AM or PM): $200 / Week
Summer Camp Half Day (AM or PM): $170 / Week (for July 5-8 week only)
Digital Photography Half Day Camp (AM): $250 / Week (for June 20-24 week only)
Summer Camp Half Day (AM or PM): $740 / Any 4 Weeks

After Camp Hours (4-6PM): $20 / Day (Advance registration is required)

Sibling Discount: 5% (Applied to sibling fee)
Early bird discount: 5% (When you pay the fees before 3/31)
NOTE: *Any one discount active anytime

* Age / Grades: 5th – 8th
* Camp hours are from 9AM – 4PM
* Parents should provide lunch
* Morning, Afternoon snack is included
* Late fee of $5 / 5min will be charged after 4:05pm

* Two weeks cancellation notice ahead of the camp date is required to cancel the participation, and to get full refund